Intellireef’s habitat systems are significantly faster at rejuvenating an impacted marine environment, as it takes approximately between a decade or up to 100 years for the ecosystem to naturally recover.

The company has produced a material called Oceanite which consists of a mix of materials and minerals which complement marine habitats. The mineral mixtures used in oceanite can be tailored to specific sites and functions which are unique to each habitat in which they are placed, using locally sourced products when available. These products can have their dimensions adjusted to site specific requirements, such as height and width, and can be expanded to scale at a later stage if so desired.

The success and scalability of Intellireefs design has been demonstrated through their projects such as the one in Sint Maarten. IntelliReef’s structures in Sint Maarten had nearly 100% coverage of biological organisms after just 14 months in operation.

This partnership provides us access to the artificial habitats created by Intellireefs. These are currently the only restoration solution on the market that creates bio-enhancing substrates that mimic natural reef development and foster growth on a large scale over short periods of time.