Our Services

Aqualicense is an innovative marine consultancy offering services within the renewable energy and aquaculture sectors – we believe in an equitable, sustainable future for all.



Aquaculture/Renewable Licensing and Support

We provide a comprehensive suite of client-focused services which lead you through the entire licensing process. Our in-depth sectoral knowledge, legal compliance expertise, strong advocacy skills, and belief in clear communication practices are what sets us apart.

Aquaculture Consultancy

Our innovative approach towards project development and delivery is geared at environmental sustainability, increasing biodiversity and reducing potential impacts on marine habitats.

Stakeholder Engagement

Aqualicense understands the challenges that the ever-evolving aquaculture and renewable energy licensing process can place on a company. We have taken the approach of revisiting the historical and anticipated challenges faced by applicants and work with our clients to customise an application package specific to them, taking into account potential ‘roadblocks’.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators

Our PAM Operators are experienced marine acousticians with in-depth knowledge of deploying, maintaining and operating numerous brands of PAM equipment in industrial and scientific contexts across the globe.

Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs)

Our MMOs are fully trained and experienced marine biologists, an essential requirement for the successful implementation of marine mammal mitigation guidelines during offshore geophysical surveys, construction, decommissioning and scientific projects world-wide.