Our vision

Aqualicense is a legacy-driven company, made up of a team of passionate, highly-skilled professionals. We have brought together a range of expertise from the fields of consultancy, research and innovation with a key focus on leading positive change within the marine sector.

We believe in a fully inclusive, sustainable and innovative approach to maximising opportunities within the blue economy.

The Reduction in habitat damage, increase in biodiversity, and ecosystem health is considered in all project applications.

Pioneering the pathway to surpass Ireland’s goal of 5 GW of Offshore Wind by 2030.

Promotion of the use of sustainable technology and practices to maximise use of marine space while minimising impacts.

Aqualicense is headquartered in Arklow, Co. Wicklow, with office space in Galway.

Implementing clear, concise, and accessible communication practices to achieve our goal of a sustainable future for all.

Consulting for innovative hybrid sites in marine areas with multiple beneficial outputs.


We envision a world powered by renewable energy. Our partnerships enable us to successfully facilitate the required reports by utilising a range of skillsets and implementing new and innovative measures to successfully launch ORE projects.


Aqualicense thrives on its innovative approach of implementing environmentally sustainable practices in the rapidly changing modern world of a commercial environmental consultancy.


Aqualicense acknowledges the role seafood production and aquaculture play in supplying the world with steady food sources. We have therefore positioned ourselves at the forefront of this rapidly growing sector in assisting our clients in the licensing and operation of their Aquaculture sites.

Our Technology Partners