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Meet ROV ‘Jaqueline’

Aqualicense is delighted to offer our unique ROV surveying service to prospective clients. Using the Chasing M2 Promax, a robust, industrial grade and compact ROV, we can provide a wide array of services including maintenance monitoring on aquaculture operations, infrastructure inspections on piers and bridges, hull inspections on vessels (removing the need to dry dock), while capturing footage that can be used in media for brand promotion. Our Chasing M2 Promax, christened the ROV ‘Jaqueline’, comes equipped with a 200-metre power line providing it with vast range and versatility in operation. The Jaqueline comes equipped with two LED floodlights producing up to 8,000 lumens. The 12 MP camera catches footage in ultra-high definition 4k, providing high quality imagery and video capture, while the 4-hour battery life and 360° omni directional movement allows us to capture footage and provides optimal manoeuvrability during inspections. The ROV can be easily assembled on site and is operated either from shore or a stationary vessel. With a movement range of 400-metres combined with the 200-metre depth possibility, one can be sure when used for an inspection that every knot in a line, rust on a hull, and joint on a pier will be seen.

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